JET 4000 AME I datalogger

JET 4000 AME / J is a datalogger to record and automate grouting, cement injections, TAM grouting, GIN injections, Lugeon tests and other Permeability tests.

Using JET 4000 AME / J datalogger it is possible to record and automate injection processes. Recorded values are saved on datalogger internal memories. Then, they can be downloaded, via flash-card, pen-drives, RS232 port or USB port, to a PC Windows thanks to JET S 104 software. Printing, organization, elaboration and export to Excel are very easy functions.

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JET 4000 AME / I recorded values

The values recorded by the datalogger, with their symbol, are:

Valve number, phase number and zone name  
Pressure (istantaneous, maximum and average) P
Flow rate (istantaneous, maximum and average) F
Volume of injected cement V
Set up final parameters (GIN number, max pressure, max volume, max time)  
Injector part number  
Injection length  
Date and time of starting and stop working, duration  

Parameters recording is linked to proper sensors. It is also possible to select the parameters which have to be measured in order to save a lot of memory.

JET 4000 AME / I automatisms

The datalogger has got some functions of automatism:

  • Automatic stop of the injector when maximum established pressure, maximum volume of the grout are reached, via GIN method or when achieving maximum duration.
  • Automatic restart of pumping if, after being stopped, pressure goes under pre-established value.
  • Start of the injectors directly from JET 4000 AME / I datalogger keyboard.
  • Sending from a PC of a project with different kind of pile and valve in order to avoid set up in field.
  • Automatic valve number increment and decrement

In order to use automatism functions it is necessary to purchase optional kits to link the datalogger to injection equipment. JET 4000 AME / I datalogger can be programmed, so it is possible, through DAT instruments experience, to integrate this instrument with other functions or automatisms.

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