DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME / J datalogger

Data measuring and conversion :
Number of digital / analog inputs 8
Analog inputs divisions ~ 800
Input noise filters present
Analog sensors check present
Digital input expansions 8
Power supply (to specify in case of order) :
Electricity network power supply 110 Vac
Electricity network power supply 230 Vac
Electricity network power supply 400 Vac
Battery power supply 12 Vdc
Battery power supply 24 Vdc
Maximum power consumption 30 W
Power supply filter present
Recording capacity :
Possibility to select data to save yes
All data recording duration @ 5 cm 350 m x 3
All data recording duration @ 10 cm 710 m x 3
Half data recording duration @ 5 cm 520 m x 3
Half data recording duration @ 10 cm 1020 m x 3
Total memory sessions 3 internal
Digital outputs :
Number of digital outputs 8
Digital outputs format o. c.
Digital outputs maximum current 300 mA
Digital outputs maximum voltage 24 Vdc
Possibility to connect relays yes
Communication ports :
PC communication port USB
Printer communication port  
Adapters auxiliary RS232 ports 4
Portable memory USB PENDRIVE
General information :
Complete alphanumeric keyboard present
Simplified symbology present
LCD monitor, LED back-lighted present
Electrical plant connectors rapid
Instrument global handling dual uC
Operating environment temperature -10 +60 °C
PC software :
Operating system Windows
Hardware minimum requirements Pentium 400
Complete software, advanced commands present
Data save and organization present
Data elaboration and customization present
Reports, tables and graphics creation present
Data print on system printer present
Excel data exportation present
Text files data exportation present
Downloaded data double check present
Internet software updates present
Enclosed documentation :
User and maintenance manual present
Utilization concise compendium present
CE conformity declaration present
Testing and calibration certificate on demand
Mechanical characteristics :
Case stainless steel
Case dimensions (mm) 252 x 210
Dimensions with connectors (mm) 325 x 235
Thickness supports excluded (mm) 115
Thickness supports included (mm) 130
Rapid take down hooks present
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