JET DSP 100 D datalogger

JET DSP 100 / D is a datalogger to record diaphragm walls (dWalls) and hydromills processes.

Using JET DSP 100 / D datalogger it is possible to record digging parameters. These values are saved on datalogger internal memory. Then, they can be downloaded, pen-drives, RS232 port or USB port, to a Windows PC thanks to JET S 104 or JET DSP 100 download software. Printing, organization, elaboration and export to Excel are very easy functions.

JET DSP 100 D datalogger for diaphragm walls, dWalls and hydromills

JET DSP 100 / D recorded values

The values recorded by the datalogger, with their symbol, are:

Dig number, Zone number
Inclination, both X and Y axis
Deviation, both X and Y axis
Rotation, Z axis
Date and time of starting and stop working, duration

Data are measured via sensors installed on digging equipment. Inclination, deviation and rotation and sensor (JET WXYZ) can be connected to the datalogger via a cable (for real-time display and recording) or via radio.

JET WXYZ, sensor, inclination, transducer, deviation, rotation, compass, datalogger, diaphragm walls, dwalls, hydromills

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